Route des îles Medes et du parc naturel de Montgri

This route is the most emblematic of the area. Anyone who considers himself knowledgeable about the coast of Estartit a l´Escala, has to make this route. The beauty of Las Medas islands and the coastline of the Costa del Montgrí are exclusive.

Route as we said before, emblematic of the area. The beauty of the islets of the Marine Reserve of the Medes Islands, a total of 7 and some more emerging rocks, along with its crystalline waters and seabed full of life, are a must-see place.

In addition, its distance to the port of Estartit is relatively short, only about 1000 meters or less than a nautical mile, separate the Medas from the municipality of Estartit. This advantage, will be key to be able to visit them with our boat, since, although in the Freu channel (passage between coast and Medas, we find wind that lifts sea, the route will be very short to approach the Great Meda and tie us to a buoy To enjoy the day now.

True, in the Marine Reserve it is strictly forbidden to anchor. We must tie ourselves to a buoy destined for recreational boats, a goggles and a tube and we are about to enjoy the seabed and the immense quantity and variety of species that house its waters. Whether we choose the west or west side of the islands, or if we decide on the North, our satisfaction is assured. If we moor in the northern part of the Meda Gran, called Coetera, we will be sheltered from the south or Garbí wind, which usually appears on summer days after noon. If, on the contrary, we tie ourselves on the west face of the Great Meda or Xica, we will be sheltered from the north component winds, the Gregal or Tramuntana, quite common in the area. If we have a good day of sea, sn surf or wind, we can alternate our mooring area since the bottoms are different, being the lightest and sandy ones on the west side and the darkest or rockiest, those on the north side.
Following the trip north, we will visit the most famous coves on the coast of the Park such as Pedrosa and Farriol. Its charm will captivate us ... its water-filled pines, its small beach at the bottom, formed by worn rocks from the waves and transparent waters that will show us the wonders of its seabed.

Of course, between the two coves, in the middle of the path, we will find the fummy Roca Foradada, a well-known marine tunnel and ideal to be photographed from outside or entering it. Be careful if we do not master the boat well or there is no good sea, better to see it from outside and not venture to cross it. The walls of this tunnel, unfortunately, are known for the fiber of the hulls of several boats ....

If we continue and continue sailing north, we will reach the end of the Park, but not before delighting or resting in Cala Montgó, ideal place to have a good time sunbathing or tasting a good snack in the restaurants that open near the beach of sand.

Once here, we will have sailed about 10 nautical miles, between the Medas Islands and the Montgrí coast.

This is over ... everything will depend on whether we have more time or we have to go back south to get back to port. Surely your experience will be remembered for a long time. You will have the impression of having known a spectacular coastline, perhaps a strip of the most beautiful of the Costa Brava.
Just some points about the rules of the Medas: sailing at a low speed, over 3 knots, set aside 50 meters around boats that dive, do not fish or anchor with the anchor and do not litter the sea. Obviously, it is strictly prohibited to touch or take any living or dead being from the Reserve. Once we have visited the Medes Islands, we will head towards the coast of the Montgrí Natural Park, heading north and heading towards L'Escala. The first thing that will surprise us will be the high and steep cliffs that appear just past the Molinet or emblematic rock of the coast next to Estartit. We can navigate near them, but always attentive to possible lows or rocks that almost protrude to the surface, but avoid touching with our helmet or propellers, which would leave us at least in a compromised situation, without government or with a waterway.

Alquiler de motoras Estartit, SL


Alquiler de motoras Estartit, SL

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