Cadaques Route and the Mar de Baix

Cadaqués, within the heart of the National Park of the Cape of Creus along with the coast of the Baix Sea (I finish as it is known by the locals the southern area from Roses to the islet of the Massa d'Or, the easternmost place of the Peninsula ).

This route is only indicated for a full day, Due to the distance between Estartit and Cadaqués, about 15 nautical miles, it is not advisable to do it only in half a day. It is also indicated for a boat with a good engine already that if we need a good engine to weather the waves or take advantage of the day, a certain mechanical power will be necessary. In addition, a good navigation experience is essential, since the weather and the sea can vary suddenly if we have not previously consulted the weather forecast. Whenever you want to do this route, it is essential to CONSULT THE EXPERIENCED PERSONNEL OF THE COMPANY. They will be the ones who will advise you this route depending on the existing and coming situation.

If we are lucky and have a good day, crossing the bay of Roses towards Cadaqués, is not wasted. Its numerous coves of all shapes and extensions, have a spectacular geology where the slate rock is the owner of the place. Pinedas touching the sea, cling and root any projection of the rocks bathed by crystalline waters.

Before arriving in Cadaqués, we will pass through idyllic places, such as the coves of Monjoi, Joncols or La Pelosa, are places of rest and away from the summer bullício that we find on the mainland. Some of them, apart from enjoying the surroundings, we can eat on the beach, since they have small restaurants or beach bars that delight the nautical visitors who anchor in the area.

Cadaqués, a famous municipality thanks to the fact that Salvador Dalí's painter genius lived there, near the municipality, in Port LLigat, where his museum house is suitable to be visited, is also well known for its buildings almost intact for generations, where walking through its streets, we moved to the times of yesteryear when fishermen went out to sea in search of sponges (Greek families settled here to fish them with scuba divers, like red coral, very coveted and also known as red gold) . We can still see small fishing boats with Latin sail, vision that takes us to past generations. Moor in a buoy or permitted area and then visit this town, it is a mandatory stop and we will love it.
We can also approach Port LLIgat and reach the most eastern point of the Peninsula, the Massa d´Or, a small emblematic islet that divides the Baix Sea from the Mar de D'Alt (sheltered from north winds or sheltered from winds from the south, respectively.

It will be time to leave for port again, after having spent a wonderful day, resting and making culture. We expect a journey at best, an hour of navigation if we have chosen the right day. If we find wind from the south, we will have a somewhat complicated return to l´Estartit .... slow speed according to the waves and warn of our delay, it will be some difficulty waiting for us ...

Alquiler de motoras Estartit, SL


Alquiler de motoras Estartit, SL

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